LAXPure Rapid 90 Capsules

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  • Fast-acting herbal colon cleanser.
  • Could help relieve constipation and bloating.
  • Could maintain lower bowel function health.
  • Perfect start to weight loss program - natural laxative to help lose weight.
  • Used by colonic hydrotherapists before, during and after treatments.
  • Support Nice Healthy Skin Texture.
  • Could help to maintain energy levels.
  • Could help to maintain immunity system.

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

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LAXPure Rapid is a fast and effective natural bowel cleansing supplement used by many Colonic Hydrotherapists before, during or after treatments. Constipation and bloating can be distressing and uncomfortable. LAXPure is designed specifically to help healthy bowel function.

Constipation and bloating is common and can be caused by a variety of reasons - usually diet related or as a side effect of another illness or medications. Each ingredient in LaxPure Rapid has been chosen for its natural laxative effect to quickly and effectively cleanse the colon to promote constipation relief. It is also the perfect companion to start a weight loss program.

Assist a Weight Loss Program / Prevent Un-Natural Weight Gain - when the food you eat is processed more efficiently all of the nutrients get used and all of the unnecessary fats get excreted instead of stored. LaxPure is an excellent natural laxative to help you lose weight.

Retain a Nice Healthy Skin Texture
- a more efficiently functioning colon removes toxins through the bowel instead of through the skin.

Energy and Vitality
- the flushing away of body toxins reduces unnecessary energy waste and sluggishness.


Take 1 capsules with food, 3 times per day or as required. Do not exceed 4 capsules and do not take continuously for longer than 2 months at a time.


Agrimony 50mg,  Alfalfa 50mg, Cape Aloe 50mg, Cascara Sagrada 50mg

Cayenne 50mg, Garlic 50mg, Ginger 50mg, Senna Pods 50mg, Wild Yam 50mg

Does NOT contain: Excipients, Gluten, Wheat, Lactose, added Sugar, Artificial Colourings or Yeast


If on medication or under medical supervision always consult your GP before taking health supplements. If pregnant or nursing consult your GP before taking health supplements. You should not take supplements as a substitute for a varied balanced diet.