Prostate Support 60 Capsules

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  • Helps to support and maintain a healthy prostate.
  • Helps to support and maintain healthy sexual function in men.
  • Supports healthy urine flow.
  • Helps maintain healthy bladder control.
  • Helps to support healthy reproductive health in men.
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Prostate Support Capsules is a specially formulated natural supplement using ingredients known for their ability to be able to support healthy prostate function.

Prostate Problems The prostate is a male gland, the size and shape of a large chestnut. There are 4 main problems that can affect prostate health:

  1. Prostatitis - the gland becomes infected or inflamed.
  2. Prostatodynia - prostate pain occurs without any apparent cause.
  3. Benign Prostate Hypoplasia (BPH) - the gland slowly enlarges
  4. Prostate Cancer